What is a CSA?

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” The concept is that community members purchase a “share” of the year’s fruit and vegetable crop from the local farm and receive a weekly “box” of fresh produce throughout the summer, thus sharing in the bountiful summer harvest.

The member also shares in the ups and downs of Minnesota summer weather, realizing that some weeks more produce might be available than others.

Each week’s box will contain between 6-12 different items, depending what is currently being harvested that week. It will likely include produce staples such as potatoes and onions, some type of greens, some type of cole crop (such as broccoli or cauliflower), other root crops (such as carrots or beets), peppers and/or tomatoes, and fruit, including strawberries or melons, sweet corn, and even fresh cut flowers!

There are several “share” sizes and lengths available for members to choose. The weekly box can be picked up at Maplewood Academy in Hutchinson, MN, or one of 2 drop off sites on the west side of the Twin Cities.

Please call with any questions you might have, or visit our website!


Share options available for the 2017 Season

*Option #1- Full season/full share- $500

Our best option for a family. Receive a weekly box with produce for a family of 4 for 20 weeks, starting the week of June 11 and running through the week of Oct 22nd.

*Option #2- Full season/half share- $300

Same number of weeks as option #1 above, but with half the produce, roughly for 2 people.

*Option #3- Half season/full share- $325

Receive 10 weeks of produce during the peak of the harvest season. Weekly boxes will start the week of July 9 and run through the week of September 10th. Enough for a family of 4.

*Option #4- Half season/half share- $200

Same number of weeks as option #3 above, but with half the produce, roughly for 2 people.


Pick-up locations and times

Maplewood Academy- Hutchinson

Monday or Friday on campus Wednesdays at Hutchinson Farmers Market

MN Conference of Seventh-day Adventist

7384 Kirkwood Court ~ Maple Grove (Close to 494-694 north split) Thursdays between 2 and 5pm

Minnetonka Christian Academy

3520 Williston Road ~ Minnetonka Fridays between 2 and 5pm


Fruits and Vegetables that likely will be in your weekly box at some point throughout the summer…

-Broccoli -Brussel Sprouts -Cabbage -Carrots -Cantaloupe -Cauliflower -Cucumbers -Eggplant

-Fresh herbs -Honeydew melon -Kale
-Various lettuces

-Onions -Potatoes -Peas
-Peppers -Popcorn -Pumpkins -Radishes -Strawberries -Sweet corn -Tomatoes -Watermelon -Winter squash -Yellow squash -Zucchini

*Number of shares are limited, first come first serve basis.

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About Maplewood Academy

Maplewood Academy is a Seventh-day Adventist boarding high school located in Hutchinson, MN. Founded in 1908, Maplewood Academy has a strong tradition of academic excellence with high Christian standards.

The farm program supports student education and provides jobs for students to earn money towards their education, and also creates scholarships.

100% of proceeds go to the students!!

Maplewood Academy
700 Main Street North
Hutchinson, MN 55350
Office- 320-587-2830
Farm- 320-332-9080
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